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        1. About Us

              Guangzhou TaiBo Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd--Leading and Professional Manufacturer of Paint Roller Machines.

              As a well-recognized leading manufacturer which has been specialized in paint roller machines for more than 19 years in China, TAIBO has been exported machines to different countries all over the world, such as America, Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc., and achieved great reputation both from domestic and overseas customers based on advanced technologies, superior quality, competitive price and professional after sales service.

             "Profession, Responsibility, Solutions" are the essence of our business. We guarantee our clients with good quality and the best service. The cornerstone of our business is to have mutual benefits with our clients. Our clients are our partners. 

              TAIBO will keep abreast with the updated information and technology and release the up-to-date machines to meet the market demand. The company is committed to providing high quality product and excellent service, and to keeping leading position of the world's paint roller machines suppliers.


          (C) 2016 Guangzhou Taibo Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd

          Address:No.9 Hougang Industrial Zone, Xiaolong Village, Shiji Town, Panyu District,Guangzhou City,Guangdong, China          

          E-mail: joyceliu.taibo@gmail.com (Ms Joyce)

          WhatsApp (Mobile): 0086-135 7482 8903    

          Skype: joycejoyce2010      

          Tel: 86-020-61927819       Fax: 86-020-84859122